Contesting A New Jersey Drivers’ License Suspension

License Suspension Lawyer NJSo you received a notice in the mail that letting you know that the state will be suspending your drivers’ license in the near future. Now what? To begin, the sooner you act the better. I understand that the language of the scheduled suspension notice may give you the impression that you do not have a choice but you have the right to hire an attorney and request a hearing to fight the pending suspension. That’s right, working with an experienced New Jersey DMV license suspension attorney can help delay, reduce or eliminate your New Jersey drivers’ license suspension.  There are several reasons why the state may suspend your license, what is important now is working with the system to keep you driving!

I know that driving doesn’t just get you to social events; it is also how you get to work and other important obligations on a daily basis. Having this important privilege taken away from you can have a devastating and expensive effect on your life.

Here are some important things you need to know about contesting a New Jersey Drivers’ License Suspension Notice and how working with an attorney can help:


  • It Requires Action On Your Part: If you receive the suspension notice and do nothing, your license will be suspended and you will also incur fines and other expenses associated with the suspension. A DMV hearing is not something that automatically happens; it is something you or your attorney actually has to request.
  • Legal Arguments Required: Once you or your attorney request a DMV hearing to contest the suspension notice, the court requires much more than words– they require a legitimate legal argument if they are going to delay, reduce or eliminate your suspension. With something as important as your driving privileges, working with an attorney can help get you the results you want. That being said, the hearing officer will likely spend a lot of time asking you about your past driving habits and how a suspended license will negatively impact you and your family. These are questions I can help you prepare for.
  • An Appeal Is Possible: If you are not happy with the outcome of the hearing, you can request an appeal of the decision and have your case heard at a later time before an Administrative Law Judge.


As you can see, working with an attorney to fight your DMV suspension notice can keep you on the road. I handle NJ MVC suspension hearings on a regular basis and can help you with yours. If you have recently received a suspension notice or would like to appeal a recent hearing decision, do not hesitate to give me a call. I have helped many clients in the past delay their suspension date, reduce the length of their suspension and eliminate their drivers’ license suspension entirely. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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